Creative that elevates your message to help you influence, educate & move your audience.

We create editorial style materials that truly move audiences with hyper-elevated visuals and expert guidance on content and flow.

Creative Services


Reports, Guides & Content-Rich documents

Our specialty! From Strategic reports, service guides, and stakeholders reports, we’re experts at creating well-organized, sleek and engaging documents that showcase key ideas and keep readers engaged from cover-to-cover. We get excited about text-heavy documents! It’s an opportunity for our creativity to shine. 


Investor & Sales Decks

Our top-selling service! We create high-impact decks that bring clarity to complex ideas, packaged together with wow-worthy visuals. It’s all about telling — and selling — your story in a way that effortlessly moves people. We listen to your vision, then we massage the content for clarity, adjust slide organization for precise story flow, and then apply an editorial aesthetic to keep your audience engaged, while inspiring them to take action.


Discovery Reports

To successfully sell an idea, we need to understand it. We offer a deep discovery phase that includes competitive analysis, audience profiling, trend forecasting and team insight sessions to discover yet-unseen opportunities and then position you to gain attention and traction!


Consumer Magazines

Magazine creative direction and design is Caroline’s passion, and we apply her unique editorial flair to all areas of corporate document design. From content planning through to shoot creative direction, layout design and final production, we are involved in each stage to ensure a perfect result. We are experts at leading a reader cover-to-cover with purposeful emotionally-charged imagery, finessed typography and sleek design. 


Brand Positioning
& Personality

Like people, a brand’s personality can attract or deter. Using exactly the right tone and vocabulary, we develop a brand personality that is perfectly tuned to your audience. We deliver taglines,  positioning and website copywriting that resonates with your target audience, while positioning your brand authentically, and with confidence and credibility.


Logo & Brand Development

A logo should speak a thousand words, and instantly reveal the purpose and drive of your business. We design logos that achieve just that, and that are timely, yet timeless. Then, we build out a comprehensive  branding package using elevated photography, typography, layout and design that can be applied to any touch-point for a cohesive brand look .


Event Creative Direction
& Design

Focusing on the feeling attendees will experience at the event, we create inspired event sales materials with compelling imagery and refreshing typography. Our work has appeared at the Sony Centre in Times Square and is often seen on Toronto’s iconic Casa Loma. Elements include outdoor signage, digital marketing collateral, programs and invitations. 

Our Unique Three-Pronged Approach

Emotional Intelligence

We help you influence your audience more effectively by tapping into their emotions, increasing their connection to your message, and moving them to take action.

Creative Expertise

Led by Caroline Glogoviecki — a creative leader with over 20 years of experience — our studio brings deep expertise in creative direction and design to every project we touch.

Analytical Process

To sell your vision, we need to fully understand it. We delve deep to get to the nitty-gritty of your business, to identify opportunities then elevate your message to entice your target audience.