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We are proud to work across a variety of industries, from finance to faith, but we prioritize working with clients who align with our values of prioritizing wellness, mindfulness, healthcare and mental health. Here are a select few of our recent projects:


Featured Work

yale School of Medicine | Miro

From the faculty of Yale University’s School of Medicine and Patient Centred Therapeutics comes the innovation of Miro. Miro is an app that uses image manipulation to process emotion and improve clinical and patient centred outcomes for individuals who are suffering with pain.


Our Approach 

Miro is a unique app that aims to help many people who experience pain in their everyday lives, however currently seeking funding to be able to do so. We worked to develop a visually compelling Investor Deck that delivers information in a clear and digestible way, while creating unique visuals to hold the attention of investors and ultimately sell their story.


Pixalate is the market-leading fraud protection, privacy, and compliance analytics platform, based in California. Pixalate is the sole system for coordinated solutions across display, app, video, and OTT/CTV that provides better detection and elimination of ad fraud. 


Our Approach 

As Pixalate grows exponentially, so does their press attention. We helped Pixalate create a beautiful combined document of their most impressive media features over the past couple of years. This printed document will be used to capture the attention of potential investors as well as future media recognition to come. We ensured to create a consistently branded document that was specific to Pixalate while capturing the original essence of each article platform to showcase the importance of each press outlet.

Presbyterian World Service & Development (PWS&D)

Presbyterian World Service & Development (PWS&D) is celebrating 75 years of development and relief agency for The Presbyterian Church in Canada. The church works to aid the marginalized and the vulnerable across the globe, supporting justice, poverty reduction, and support in times of disaster. Their mission is to establish a sustainable, compassionate, and just world. 

Our Approach

To celebrate the 75th anniversary of PWS&D, the organization has reflected on their efforts throughout the years, seeking out our help to put combine these memories into a hauntingly beautiful coffee table book. Documenting relief efforts for over 7 decades has led to the culmination of hundreds of thousands of images taken all over the world. We approached the over one-hundred-page commemorative coffee table book in an efficient manner, sorting through images to find the best of the best while creating clean and airy layouts that allowed the imagery to speak for itself.



Newsweek is a premier news magazine that focuses on providing quality journalism to its global readers. In an effort to build stronger partnerships with potential advertisers, and be seen as a relevant and worthy choice for ad dollar spends, Newsweek was ready for a refresh of their sales materials.


Our Approach
Looking at Newsweek’s sales decks as holistic pieces, we used persuasive language and precise story flow to highlight the uniqueness of the opportunity for national advertisers to align themselves with editorial content.

Working with direction from Newsweek’s Global Creative Director, we elevated the design and imagery of Newsweek’s advertising sales deck, editorial calendar, and presentations for multiple national clients.


World Renew

World Renew is an organization that has worked to join with the world’s families to change the story of hunger, poverty, and illness for nearly 60 years. Their mission is to change stories and the world to ignite passion for justice & mercy and join communities around the world to renew hope, reconcile lives, and restore creation. 

Our Approach

We worked with World Renew to put together their 2022 Strategic Planning Report, Re-Imagine. This important document outlines the organizations goals and objectives for the coming years, while outlining their mission, vision, values and more. We used their existing branding, impactful image bank, and custom illustrated graphics to create clean and beautiful layouts that will engage their stakeholders. 



LPAC is an organization that aims to increase the political power of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer women in the USA. They support political candidates that identify as LGBTQ+ by endorsing and investing in their campaigns. They strive to bring attention to values such as women’s equality, women’s health, and social justice.

Our Approach
Elevate the aesthetic quality of all collateral for a cohesive look that  reflects the high standards of LPAC’s work. We wanted to instill an immediate sense of credibility and authority, while still making the organization feel authentic and approachable.

Using emotionally charged imagery and creative typography, but keeping their original color scheme and logo, we’ve created an abundance of materials, including full event creative direction and promotional materials for their fundraiser in Times Square. Projects include stakeholder reports, social media templates, event invitations, sponsorship decks and proposals.


Liberty Entertainment Group

Liberty Entertainment Group is the premier developer of Toronto’s most prestigious restaurants, nightlife and special event experiences, operating landmark venues including Casa Loma and Liberty Grand.

Our Approach
Elevate the creative direction of promotional materials to clearly reflect the international-level, premium experiences they offer guests.
We’ve created event concepts for various events, including the beloved annual Christmas and Halloween events. Supporting materials include outdoor, transit, print and digital collateral. Editorial layout of multi-page sales materials, one-pagers, and advertorials for various venues to promote at-home experiences.

By focusing on the unique feelings guests would experience, rather than just the physical venues themselves, we’ve created materials that connect with audiences on an emotional and aspirational level.

The Leslie Group

The Leslie Group is an independent employee benefits consulting firm focused solely in the group benefits market.
Our Approach
Redesign all documents to highlight The Leslie Group’s competency, professionalism and contemporary thinking. Ensure documents with extensive corporate and legal language look exciting and appealing, and never intimidating or boring. We took great care to ensure we enhanced the information-dense content — rather than distract from it — by organizing information into smaller pieces so it’s easier to absorb. We introduced new colours and fonts, and established a typographic hierarchy. We’ve also held training sessions to educate their team on how to apply the new look internally.

Marc Anthony

Marc Anthony develops premium, fool-proof hair care products at an affordable price, and is made accessible at major food, drug, mass and specialty retailers across Canada and the USA.

Our Approach

Marc Anthony needed to gain social media momentum and so it was critical to create original content for their feed that felt inspired and unique, but also moved shoppers to purchase. We created a year’s worth of Instagram creative including video, GIFs, stop-motion and still imagery that elevated their feed and resonated with their target millennial audience.


Accordant Advisors

Accordant Advisors is an established consulting group that helps organizations create work cultures that are inclusive, psychologically safe and emotionally intelligent.

Our Approach
It was critical for us to position Accordant Advisors immediately as credible and professional. We needed to elevate their brand assets to ensure that message was consistently being presented both internally and externally in order to attract and win new business. 

We overhauled their branding with the use of strong yet approachable imagery, bold typography and a fresh and unexpected colour scheme, then applied their new look to their new website, client-facing sales deck, internal proposal templates and good old-fashioned business cards.



Various Consumer Magazines

From digital magazine covers for INBETWEEN, to various consumer magazines for WeddingBells, Living Luxe, Out Leadership, and more. 

Magazine creative direction and design is Caroline’s passion, and we apply her unique editorial flair to all areas of corporate document design. From content planning through to shoot creative direction, layout design and final production, we are involved in each stage to ensure a perfect result. We are experts at leading a reader cover-to-cover with purposeful emotionally-charged imagery, finessed typography and sleek design.