Meet our Creative Director

Caroline is passionate about design and loves delving deep into a project she can really sink her teeth into. She particularly loves magazines and materials with loads of content and imagery to design and organize.

Her natural design sense mixed with her innate interest in business and entrepreneurial drive has led her to become the go-to choice of top executives in Toronto and New York, who consistently take her with them as they progress to new companies. She is there when they need a story to be told — and sold!

Caroline’s uniqueness lies in her desire to truly understand a business’s challenges and vision, then take that complex information and filter it through her creative and empathetic lens to deliver material that is clear, concise and beautiful, and that compels an audience to engage. Her work is compelling and connects with audiences on a multifaceted level— emotionally, visually and intellectually.

Caroline lives in Toronto with her husband and is a mom of three school-aged kids. Her personal passions are yoga, mindfulness, travel, reading and spirituality. 

Let's Connect

We work with quality clients across all industries, but prioritize companies and people who align with our values of emphasizing the importance of wellness, mindfulness and kindness. We work with mid-sized to enterprise-level businesses.

Caroline cares deeply about working only with people who are kind and mindful and enforces a strict no-asshole policy. 

For those who are a good fit, our studio maintains positive client relationships that last for years and even decades.

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