The Leslie Group

branding | corporate collateral design


The Leslie Group is an independent employee benefits consulting firm focused solely in the group benefits market. The company is well established —founded in 1992 — but while they’re experts in the highly competitive corporate benefits landscape, their collateral failed to display their competency, professionalism and contemporary thinking.


  • Redesign of various multi-page documents and one-pagers
  • Infographic design & high-quality image sourcing
  • Template creation & training for employees


  • Ensure documents with extensive corporate and legal language look exciting and appealing, and never intimidating or boring
  • Taking care to ensure we enhance the information-dense content — rather than distract from it — and organize information into smaller pieces so it’s easier to absorb
  • Develop compelling data design through elevated charts, tables, and graphic elements
  • Introduce new colors and fonts, and established a typographic hierarchy to apply across all materials
  • Educate their team on how to apply the new look internally